Cowards Who Deal IN Human Misery


~~~~~~~~~~~ AUSTRALIAN FAMILY LAW~~~~~~~~~~~

When a group of people, fanatical to a cause such as Family Law of Australia, who seize control of any family situation and a persons Children, They become DEALERS IN HUMAN LIVES. Dealers in human flesh, and in innocent Children.

The Family Law of Australia is a cowardly and repugnant organization, whose only purpose is to terrorise humans in a repugnant and cowardly way.

They use human lives to gain control of the unfortunate person/s who come in front of it, its sole aim is to seperate, control and cause pain, untold misery and despair to its unsuspecting victims.

Every person who comes up before the Family Law and who is naive enough to believe in a just System, puts their trust in a Justice system, who at best is ONLY interested in serving themselves and in Desecrating human lives, they are traders in human misery and Slavery to the System.

Unfortunately Australians are still Suffering from a Convict mentality, from years gone, and therefore are Still allowing themselves to be controlled by that same system.

The Family Law of Australia can be likened to TERRORISTS, they engage the same tactics, and use the same rules to achieve their aim.


How did such an organization gain control of human lives, and how can the Population of Australia allow this self-serving repugnant organization to still operate, and deal in human misery?

When will decent human beings regain control of their lives, their loved ones, and their Children?

To bow down to these terrorists, dealers in human misery, is a Capitulation of the worst possible kind, and one that would surely give unacceptable legitimacy to those who value human lives, and the development of the human Family.

Giving in to dealers of human suffering and allowing the Family Law to commit gross Injustice on our Children is totally unacceptable.

These are people of very low Morality, Cowards, who live of the suffering of their follow human beings, Cowards who sit on their backsides in judgement, and who exhibit NO morals. Amongst these are Also the Politicians, And Clergy who sit in silence and do nothing to right this injustice.

Australian People, and all the people of the world, UNITE take back your self respect, your love for your Children, don't allow your children to become pawns in the hands of the Family Desecrators, the Cowards who deal in human Suffering.

~~~~~~~~ UPDATED ~~~~~~~~

The Government through The Family Law is engaging in a Deliberate Contamination of our Children and the Family Structure. This is the Foundation and structure of future generations of dependants, people who will depend on government handouts and of people who lavish on the streets,

This is the care of Politicians, bureaucrats and the Legal system on our society, to make sure that they have always people who are on the streets Who have no home life, and who cause problems for society, so that the Government of the day can justify in scaring the public to be protected,

They are a self-serving Minority of Parasites, who want a society of degenerates, and who in turn educate people to live of the misery and misfortune of the population.

In that Society of Parasites, we have Governments and politicians, Police, Lawyers, Courts and its dependant subsidiaries, It is a business beyond all comprehension; this is the blood of the unfortunate generations that these parasites live off.

This system can be stopped, we can take our future back we have to unite and take the Government to task, The people can take back control of their Families, in a loving and caring way, If the so called Caring Fathers united and Contributed on a Fighting Fund to take the government to court, we can change the course of history.

We can give our children a future, We can give Equality to our Children. We need to start with {1000} People with \$100.00 each to commence a legal Class action against the Government.

Give the Stress back to the Government and its agencies of Cowards, Let's take the government to task, Please contact me, and let's unite,

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