This is written on my own undertaking, and is inspired by what has happened to me, and is still happening, to me my Children and generally to most Fathers in this Country.

Who for one reason or another are unfortunate enough to become victims of the Australian So-called free country, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Government, the ministers representing the people, the Justice system, the Courts, Police, Ombudsman and other so called caring agencies are failing, Failing badly.

Not only the Fathers in this Country but most important our Children, and future Generations. What I am writing in here and any following LINKS are actual events that at one time or another has been referred to Ministers, Government or Police agencies and, including

Ombudsman, Anti discrimination board and other relevant agencies. All this without any one person having the Balls, or courage to question the so-called Australian Judiciary system and its agencies, Even the Australian Commonwealth Attorney general. Mr. Darryl Williams has no time to answer one single issue that I have presented to him concerning the Family Law, the ( Cowards Who Deal IN human Misery) and its agents of Family desecraters ( the answer i got back was legal babble from someone in his office, with no substance.)

Our Government, the Prime minister Mr. John Howard, even he passes the buck, he couldn't be bothered, answering anything, instead he gets someone from his office to refer it to someone else, who in turn writes babble, ( no meaning in letter) Its now on record that John Howard, the Prime Minister, is always non committal, and is always lagging behind as to leadership.

The New South Wales Police Commissioner Mr. Peter Ryan, he can Vilify people without prejudice, and without knowing anything about that person or situation, he allows his Goons (police) to manipulate Vilify Construct evidence, for their own justification, or to protect themselves. He is also very good it appears of getting his own way, Just like a spoiled brat, in this instance, a GOON with a whole lot of GOONS following him.

This Commissioner of Police is an import from England, as there wasn't a suitable corrupt person to do the job, so NSW government had to go to England, to locate a one, Now Commissioner Ryan He has devised more ways in making the Public his number 1 target, and in protecting his Goons of Police Thugs. And no one gives a damn. This is Australian and New South Wales Hospitality, Especially in Albury Wodonga, Welcome to the Twin Cities, more like welcome to Twin Hell.

As previously written this is done by me entirely on my own undertaking without assistance from anyone, and I am totally responsible for this, and other pages under my name.

I hope to soon in another page put names of Police and addresses of relevant government agencies and other persons concerned.

Ralph Cerminara.

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