Corruption and Injustice in Albury

~~ POLICE ~~

Police corruption in Albury region, Command from headquarters, Police brutality, underhand tactics, and general issues about what some members in our community do and get away with.

How they (Police) adopt one rule for one, and another for others. How Police mateship works and generally how some senior Police turn a blind eye to the unethical behaviour of some of their members, I would prefer to say corrupt members, how there is one law for the people and another for Police, and the more Corrupt a Police is the better his of her chances of Promotion to a higher position amongst the baboons

Police are never made responsible for they actions or inhumane treatment of the public, unless you happen to have heaps of Cash and can find a solicitor to act for you, one who is not intimidated by the Police.

No one person has any hope in bringing Police to Justice, and even if you get that far, everything is stacked on their side and usually the Judge or Magistrate rules in their favour.

Police in this Country (Australia) can and will shoot you, mainly to Kill, and for their defence they usually say " we were scared for our lives" or similar words, that usually gets them off the hook, and one more notch on their guns, very brave and heroic.

Only Police here seem to have Families so it seems, as the Victims of Police are not supposed to have feelings or families, no one wants to know about atrocities Police commit against public, only when its members are hurt or killed, than the nation has to mourn.

~~ COURTS ~~

The court System as I see it and have first hand information on its workings, Firstly in Albury courts, or in Country areas, where there is a roaming magistrate / s, you are presumed Guilty, even before you front up to court.

The prosecutor on the day, is usually a local Police Prosecutor, who no doubt works, or seem to work on a commission, has no moral obligation to know right from wrong, (and who is thick between the ears)

He has to get a conviction, no matter what, and usually is assisted by the magistrate in making sure the poor victim pays his wages, and other stuffed shirts wages from its unsuspecting victims.

The Prosecutor will enlist any member it sees fit, to lie, to alter evidence (sometimes he helps Police to change and alter evidence to be more favourable in getting a conviction he ain't Stupid, Just Cunning.) and generally to get what it wants, a conviction at any cost right or wrong, they even make up reports, or fabricate as the need arises, so as to suit themselves, without Question, and introduce it as confidential material, to the Court and you're not allowed to see its contents, (for public protection ).

This is Justice at its best, never mind about truth or proper Justice, extract as much money as one possibly can, and destroy People morality, and people lives that's what counts.

There are many unconsciously incompetent Police in the Hierarchy of Baboons, It appears that Albury has attracted more than its share, ( must be a breading place for them and a point of distribution)

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