Police and Freedom OR lack or freedom of Information


Freedom of Information, ~~ OR ~~

Freedom to WITHHOLD information

This department is the most obstructing tool in the arsenal of Police, it gives to public only what it wants, no ifs or buts, it has its own law on justice or lack of it, it is a department entirely made up of highly competent BaBOOns very skilled in manipulating the system to protect its own members.

and its never ever wrong, oops I said that word. (Wrong) Mr. Leslie Langburne how could I ever do that, You are never wrong are you? Mr. Leslie Langburne is in charge of FOI) you are a total machine, never ever needs any maintenance, you're only sustenance comes from being fed bull shit from your comrades, and knowing you will never give anything away, OR be held responsible to the CRAP that you, yourself Construct, and no way would you allow yourself to give out the TRUTH (not that it would matter to you) to incriminate your comrades.

The corrupt members in your team, well done Mr. Langburne. Mr. Langburne is a very important man, he isTOP BABOON in his Department and, it's his duty to write and sometimes even fabricate a report to generally collaborate what his comrades can dream up, construct and fabricate a nice legacy, Les,

Mr. Langburne from Sydney Police headquarters knows how to get things his own way and obstruct any one who dares question the justice system and its Police. I certainly hope you sleep well Mr. Langburne.

Under Instructions from Headquarters and or Police Sergeant, Police Inspectors, or Police Commissioner, they enlist a great defence system, the Queens Council, ( paid by Taxpayers Money of course) who no doubt will use any trick in the book, (their own ) to get its members of the hook, by using underhand tactics with the help of the presiding Judge or Magistrate.

And when nothing else works, why! they will blackmail you (with Costs being awarded against you) to withdraw action against their bread and butter, the POLICE, and justice system, they do great work, defending corrupt members and their unethical tactics,

~~UPDATE~~26th Feb 01
Mr Leslie Langburne HAS RETIRED.. cry, cry,~ all i can say is I wish you get back DOUBLE the Pain, Sorrow and Frustration that YOU personally have caused Others, May you get back Everything Doubled to you, in Your Retirement, May You ROT in HELL. Very Very Slowly.

~~UPDATE~~26th Feb 01
The New Inspector for FOI, Mr Robert Koopman, I wish you well, in a Sincere way. I hope you have more Common sense, and understanding.
If you Personally find My site Offensive, and DeroGatory,
Please share a thought for those Unfortunate Persons who have been VICTIMS of Police Corruption, and who have been Set up, beet up, Killed by Police,etc,etc,.

Also think of who pays your wages, your LifeStyle,your Children's Education, Even. And in return, the Public gets, Spied Upon, Killed, Robbed, set up, blackmailed, and even girls RAPED, by Police, ( Finly, Aboriginal Girl, told to get in car by 2 Police from Deniliquen AND RAPED.) Later the same 2 RAPISTS got transferred to Albury,) Name of Girl can be supplied, Just ASK.

As for Timothy O'neal, LOOK into his Records, from about 16 years ago, there should be a report about him, Internal , He was also very good at taking Under Age girls to Drive in In Albury, Name can Also be supplied, (How am i doing so far?)
Just a sample, I am sure you can do better, Its your Job, and as for People not Knowing about Underhanded Tactics, Police USE, Please don't treat the Public with contempt, Do a survey on any street corner, the Public ain't stupid, Although You might like them to be, we do read SPY books,,,lol,

SCOT McMillan, Information on the grapevine is that this man was taking bribes from way back, He was given money, or asked for money to get Someone extradited from Melbourne into NSW, this money was never returned, He supposedly told someone that he would personally go and get him, This person started his career of being a Corrupt Cop from way back, And he is still getting away with it, or should I SAY that his superiors are allowing him to Go about in his corrupt way, This Information IS not yet Varified, but its close enough,

Scot McMillan reports, is why this site is here, Because of His fabrication and Lies, this is the same person who was himself charged for Dishonesty, and perverting the cause of Justice, amongst other things, this is the turd that is Protected by Headquarters.


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