The pictures tell the story; this is the result of being arrested on a trumped up charge, of hindering Police.

Notice Stiches on Ear and bruising, this has happened while in Police custody, Who should be responsible?

The Police arrested the Person on Pictures because he was concerned for his friend, as police were testing the First Capsicum spray on their first Victim in Albury, a small incident Highlighted by Police to spice up an otherwise boring night for them.

This Person who is My SON was kept in the Lockup for (7) hours and refused Medical attention by Police and Person in charge of Station.

The Pictures were taken after coming home from Hospital, How would you feel if this were the sort of treatment that in encouraged by Police and Justice system, and is Enforced by the Courts.

The magistrate that heard the trumped up charges should be ashamed of allowing Police to get away with this sort of Negligence.

But than its nothing New in ALBURY. The Justice System is there for Police Not public, it encourages Corruption and in My view Promotes Corruption

Would you come to Albury and expect this sort of treatment from Police?

Yea come on over, we will take good care of you, Treat you like a dog, arrest you if you're having a good time, or if we get bored, take you to Court and Fine the Crap out of you.

This is ALBURY'S Police hospitality, Come on over to Albury and have a great time in Police Lock up, Make sure you bring lots of Money So as we can get the courts to take it from you,

If you have Children , why we will really stuff you up, So as you can't see your children, and YOU don't have a criminal Record?~~ NO problems,

WE can fabricate one for you, a record that you can never get to see, our Mates in Sydney will no way give you any information, and Headquarters protects its Members and its fabricated records.

Please note this is entirely my experience with Albury Police, No doubt many more person share the same feelings and experience. Not all Police are Corrupt or brutal, but many of them are, and the NSW Justice system supports them.

If you have simular experience you are welcome to Link to this page.

Speak up; don't put up with Corrupt, or Unethical POLICE.


Actual Police Pictures, soon.


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