Australian Family Courts ( THE FAMILY DESECRTATORS)


I believe that any person in a position of power, and who has direct influence to any human being should be Psychologically assessed, for that particular Position, Be it a JUDGE, MAGISTRATE, POLICE, OR SCHOOL TEACHER, As these Persons could very well be UNCONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT.

A very good example is some of the Counselling Staff appointed to be, impartial and Unemotional, to both parties, (From Family Law) but who instead take it upon themselves to vilify one against the Other.

These Persons, Usually are Females, who themselves have or have had Family Problems, and who should never be given that position as a Family Court counselling staff, Without themselves being psychologically assessed.

Such a person is ~~ ROSA ~~ from Albury Family Law Court Sub registry branch, a person who herself may have many unresolved issues regarding Her past relationship / marriage and Children. How can someone who has Herself failed, give an unbiased opinion, or write an unbiased report??. Has she herself been assessed, as to her mental status? i fear NOT, or she would have been exposed.

Not all-counselling staffs are that way inclined, there are no doubt some very helpful people in the System Who genially wish to help, One Person is ~~ Connie ~~ who always is reserved and caring and never imposes her views.

~~ ISSUES ~~ here in Australia, under Family law, (Cowards Who deal IN Human Misery) as interpreted by my own experience If you are a MALE a father, and you love you Children, than that is not acceptable to the system.

And if you happen to want to do the right thing and go to Family Law court for help, It's the biggest mistake of your life, You will be humiliated, treated like an idiot and you will never have any peace from than on, their Paperwork is far more important than the Children,

My Personal advice, from Experience is ~~ STAY AWAY FROM ANY LAW ORGANIZATION ~~ PICK UP YOUR CHILDREN AND GO AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN, AS THESE COWARDS DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE, let alone your Children, Go somewhere else and start a new life with your children. (all things been equal)

If you to Love your Children and your partner wants to make you life a living hell, Family Law is way to go, the system is designed against the Father, the Family Law doesen't understand a Fathers Love for his Children, and they don't give a S--T, about anyone except their Paperwork, and tearing down Family unity.

There is NO help or sympathy from the Justice system, the Judges or anyone connected to Family law system.(They are the Cowards who deal in human misery.)

Its a system designed to degrade the male species, to tear your heart out, its designed as a tool for Family destruction, there is no question of what is right for the Children or equality toward Children.

The Family law court of Australia, even goes as far as saying it does not have to comply with the International bill of Human rights, or adhere to the Convention on right of human Child as adopted by the general assembly of the United Nations. (Australia is a party to) Proof is NOW with Northern Territory Law , to imprison Children for any petty offences, and John Howard is Dragging his feet in Pulling the states into line, even though the practice goes against humanity, and has been expressed by human rights Commission.

The Australian Family Law courts are in direct conflict with United Nations guidelines, and which Australia has signed and is party to the human rights, which ones? I have so far No idea.

Some issues were raised with Justice Watt ( Family Law Judge) at a hearing in Albury, to have equality with my children (Which was disallowed) Mainly because I would not engage in a slandering affidavit to other party.

But merely pointed out issues concerning rights of Children, and humanistic issues He in my opinion couldn't give a continental, about the Children or me.

As in a previous hearing, I was not allowed to even get to a hearing, as the presiding Judge said to me in court, that I had more time with Children than the court would otherwise allow.

(Meaning he would allow) at that time I had to withdraw and sign documents, they were signed under duress and intimidation by that judge.

As yet to date I still never got to have a hearing or any help from any agencies or Government Department, designed to help in Family matters, And even the Chief Justice in Melbourne Family Law Court is dragging his feet in making up his mind or finding a solution as to my situation.

Only one Member of Parliament has had the decency and Kindness to help me, Senator Jocelyn Newman, I will always be grateful to her kindness. 22nd October 1999

I have received a letter ( reply ) with a book enclosed from Chief Justice Alastair, this was sent to me from His office in Melbourne, the book titled, THE FAMILY COURT BOOK . and written by himself. (the Chief COWARD)

In reading the book, nowhere have I found any sort of inspirational words, or even a caring thought!. No solutions whatsoever, and no information on how to maybe sue the Family law Court for the harm they cause and have done to our Children and future generations to come.

I would like to ask, who is responsible if in later years its proven that they got it wrong? Just like in the 60s and early 70s when they , the Australian Government and its agencies conspired to take away from parents in England UK, over 10.000 unsuspecting Children for the purpose of populating Australia, (and even from Aboriginal family's the Government agencies took children, YES its a free Country Australia, Free for government to destroy the Family unit.


~~ UPDATE~~ April 2000

John Howard, is finally seen to apologise, well, Sort of, after blundering a report from aboriginal minister, Claiming that there was never a Stolen generation,

(what Pitiful little man )

CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY, OR GOVERNMENT THIVES OF POOR PEOPLE, Issues coming soon, about role of child support thieves,

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