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"La FEMME FATALE" 31/08/03

there is the FEMALE kind that looks and acts very innocent, and conceiving but underneath, its a totally different matter: a Name:- SENCON JANET BROADSTOCK (Albury) seems that this Femme has no real concerns for FACTS and TRUTHS, but wishes to waste Taxpayers Money by pursuing whims: Wonder what STOCK? and HOW BROAD?(MORE LATER)

You Ever Wonder what ~~ P O L I C E ~~ Stands For?
Persons OF Low Integrity Controlling Everyone; (Just a thought?)

In Albury region and surrounding region there are many Corrupt and unethical members of Police they are controlled mainly from Albury Police Station but the command comes from Wagga Wagga, a Rural City some 125 Kilometres from Albury.

There are many small towns in surrounding district and some of the Police who patrol there, are no doubt a Law into themselves who have most likely become bored being so quiet and who answer to a Police Audit once in a while.

So to make themselves look good and to earn their Keep they have to pray on the unsuspecting Public for their Keep, this is a very bored predator who instead of Protecting people, it goes and spies and prays on the unsuspecting ones.

Of course some are even helped by some Person of unsavoury character and who want revenge or just to cause problems for others, they enlist the Police to assist them, who just love to get some action,

The Police when they go out travel in full gear, Guns, batons and Numbers whatever it takes to make themselves look good, if a person suffers some medical condition, they don't care, or even listen to any reasons, (They Sure won't ask if you have a Medical problem, to dumb for that.) instead they go looking for ways to make any situation worse and to make up as many charges as Possible, even to the extent of inventing some,

New man in charge of FOI.
It's about time i made a start, on this person, who still hasen't responded to my telephone calls, this was 2 weeks +, from above date, my gut feelings tell me, he is made from the same Mould, as his Predecessor,. Maybe I was way to kind of his earlier Description, Very soon, his TRUE description will be known, ~~ Watch this SPACE!~~

UPDATED 16th March 2001 "POLICE TO PAY" Is the Heading in Local Newspaper! THE BORDER MAIL Thursday 15th March 01.
( ) A magistrate has dismissed charges against a Holbrook man and awarded costs AGAINST the Police Department in a finding handed down in Wagga Court. Magistrate Mr Laurie Lawson, was critical of Police handling of Mr Craig Anthony Reid when arrested at a Holbrook Hotel in 1999.

Mr Lawson said that there was evidence to suggest Police had acted with a personal Motive rather then in the execution of their duty. Mr Lawson Awarded costs of \\$12,670 AGAINST POLICE. The Former senior officer at Holbrook, Sgt, Tim O'Neil had suggested to Inspector Gary Commins, from Albury, when interviewed as part of the internal Investigation that Mr Reid had Head-butted the window. Mr Reid 33 Pleaded NOT GUILTY to resisting arrest, 2 counts of assaulting Police and offensive language. (Author's Notes) "Police In Most incidents, Always use, resisting arrest and Assaulting police as TRUMPT UP CHARGES, the Poor SOOKS. Only this time a Decent Magistrate wasn't conned by Police Lies".

Sg O'Neil, Now an Inspector at Wagga, was told by the Publican that Mr Reid was NOT causing any trouble Inspector O'Neil said when arriving at the Hotel, he had been told by an Off-duty Policeman, (I have to wonder WHO was the Off duty Police, what's His/her Name? if any,) that Mr Reid was intoxicated and annoying people, Inspector O'Neil denied a Suggestion by Mr Adams (the Barrister) he had been exceeding his authority, using BULLY-BOY tactics and throwing his weight around. "This is The Same ASSHOLE, And ONE OF FOUR, that is responsible for my Son's injuries." And they also DENIED him Proper MEDICAL attention for 7 Hours, while in lockup at Albury Police Station. Look under POLICE NEGLIGENCE.CLICK LINK->-> POLICE NEGLIGENCE

UPDATE 16th September 2000 This is Name of a real PIG, he got promoted for being Unethical, and I would say, CORRUPT, his name is Inspector,~~ TIMOTHY O'NEIL ~~ he is sow Stationed in WAGGA WAGGA, he used to be a Sargent, but he got promoted To Inspector, This is one of the most unethical Police I know, "UPDATE THIS TO SCUMBAG" now. 16th March 01 He is one of responsible police for injuries caused to my Son, And was refused medical attention at Albury police station, There were other Police involved, Also, Names, of other people, Sencon, Stanley Drummond, (police) and, O'Connor Laurance from Albury As I get other names from Freedom of information, I will be including them here, More information, go to --> POLICE NEGLIGENCE


Inspector, ROBERT ler KOOPMAN name is here as reference only, for the Moment, and as he is in Charge of FOI, he is Now responsible in Enforcing the same Kinda Crap that his Predecessor has been Piling up,

Superintendent Ian Parks

Who was in charge of Albury Police Station was a good one, very unethical, and very expert in covering up but left the force for greener pastures A true arrogant PIG and a very good Liar.

Inspector T. J. Tarlington

This is a true Cop, his mates are never wrong, he goes out of his way in making sure his corrupt mates are OK, he will do whatever it takes to protect his Comrades.

Sargent B. Scott Young

A real Slob in every sense, a LIAR, a person of great deceit and the ethics of a Pig, he fabricates anything to get his comrades out of trouble, and can vilify anyone as long as he is OK, he must live in a home made entirely of Pig shit no windows or glass anywhere, likes to give shit but is not to good at taking it back.

Constable Murphy

He is in here because he works with Unethical Police not much is known about his preferences, but needless to say he can fabricate pretty good, as he works with excreta fabricators, real Intelligent stuff.

Constable Douglas Christian Nyholm

A real trooper and a drunk, who has no idea of right from wrong and in my opinion is not fit to be a Policeman, a Liar and a smart ass, he likes using a baton, for no reason, no doubt makes him feel like a man, what a turd!

Constable Gregory James Watmore

He is a real dubious one, A liar and a fabricator, a real wimp who has in my opinion a wide yellow streak on his backbone holding him together; he would be a real asset to any Police Station.

Constable David Neville Graham

A real gentleman is way to Honest to be a Policeman, In my view he is still way to Decent and honest, (hope he stays that way) but he should speak up more and not go along with his Corrupt mates,

Constable William Ellis Barker

Somewhat more decent than some, but still tends to support a system who he knows to well is Corrupt, He should stand up to decency and not go along with his mates,

Constable Scott A MCmillan UPDATED 13th November 00

Mr Scott McMillans, has been found not guilty, (after 5 days of District court hearing,) even though there was enough evidence to SINK a battle ship, Sargent<> Paul Davis<> and Others who had the courage to take him to task, must be very disappointed in a system that promotes Corruption there were 16 witnesses, with him 17, everything proved he was a LIER and a CORRUPT POLICE officer, but 8 women and 4 men in Jury found him Not guilty, and they call this JUSTICE<> it was a JOKE, he was as guilty as HELL, I attended the briefing to the Jurors from the Judge, and sat in on some of the hearing, and no way was the ASS HOLE innocent..

A true ASS HOLE this is deception at its best, one who goes in the back door a real back stabber, this is a Policeman with no ethics, he likes to impress the Ladies and will do anything to get in their Pants, he lies and makes up evidence to make himself look good, a good description would be a PARASITE, and even that is being Kind,

Detective Mark Hunt

What a man, this person, ( Rock spider would be more suitable ) likes nothing better than to question Little Children, maybe he even fantasises in Video taping them, who knows what distorted things lay in the depth of his twisted mind??

But one thing i know for sure , he likes to use a video , his favourite saying quote; "Good on Ya" quote; when he has nothing intelligent to say, or is caught out, this Detective is a true blue one. A real prick, who tried so hard to prevent me from being with my Children, and who tried to turn my Small Child against me, at that time (age 6.a boy and 3 a girl.) (The ass hole wasn't successful in Court)

Constable P.T. MClaren

Don't worry, i haven't forgotten you, don't fret OK. PT; Now Senior Constable MClaren has to have no idea of Distance or Common sence, and no idea at all from what is truth and what is imagination, this poor excuse of a police stoolie, followed me for a Kilometre, approx, I pulled up once I had gone around a corner and waited, the police van pulled up beside me, and Mr MClaren was stumped for a sec or two, he than must have asked the Lady officer to pull up in front of me, and thats when the Cowboy stepped out of Van, and starts asking aggressive questions as to why i didn't have a front Numberplate,

On explaining to him that the Car had been in an accident, he still persisted to ask questions, about the Car and numberplate in a rude manner, by this time Constaple B. Smith , the lady officer steps out of van, she was very Nice and polite, anyway the Hero, books me, and on going to Court, Lies his butt off about what happened, claiming he pulled me up, when in fact i stopped before they got near me, also lied in court about distances, and generally twisted what actually happened,

I get fined A\\$50.00 and it cost Police dep, or public about A$1000.00 well Done P.T. or is it, D. Head

More Later ~~~ ~~ ALWAYS UPDATING ~~

there are many more names of Police to come, both from NSW and VIC region, as yet i am not able to name Police as the Paperwork has to be correct. Once documentation is right and available, i will expose the names of Police, in the Albury Wodonga region.



UPDATE 21th March 01. The Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga) Front Page. Seige KILLING Drug Drama ~~ A senior Constable has been suspended from duty after testing positive to the DRUG CANNIBUS,
this is the officer who played a mojor role in a siege which ended in the death of a Tumit Man, The man was shot in the head by a Police sniper,. More of the same news on The Daily Telegraph, A Sydney Paper on same subject
Also on a Mate of POLICE commissioner Peter Ryan, which was Imported from England, in 1998, he was given the Job of heading the Crime management Support unit, at a cost (Salary) of \\$200,000.00 Plus an extra $35,000.00 in entitlements, Name of Mr Seddon, (March 21st Page 15.) Way to go, Mr Ryan, prefences for your mates, at Australian taxpayers expences. The Daily Telegraph (March 21 Page 15) Smells fishy to me, Job for your Pommy mates? I have to wonder whats wrong with Australian People, Or people of NSW. How about You Mr Koopman? do you smell the same Fishy smell?

A big Welcome to Sen. Daryl MELDRUM, He has really earned his place in here, by perverting the cause of Justice, His justice, no doubt. More to come, about this pathetic excuse of a human being.

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