<TITLE>Police Corruption In Australia, The Australian State Police are a law unto themselves riddled with Corruption Corruption and injustice


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Corruption and Injustice is well and alive in this so called free country.~~ ~~


The Australian government, in my view is being Deceitful and giving misleading information to the public. Using its population as a revenue base.

Whenever it needs more revenue it instructs the departments under its control to pray on the unsuspecting population. The Australian way of treating its population is to make laws that, firstly encourages litigation, it encourages both sexes to disharmony.

It encourages its future generations to become lazy and dependant on a corrupt system, it gives our youth no incentive. It gives its People no incentive and feeds the Population with what it thinks we should know or should be told.

The Government is treating its Population like a Mushroom Plantation.

~~UPDATE~~ Tuesday 9 May 2000~~The government NOW through its agencies is stealing Money even from Disabled Pensioners They call it Child Support, Please Note that I have no problem in Supporting my Children, But when the Government Steals money from My account, or ANY account, without Permission, or without having a say, then its WRONG, the government is a thief, as if its not hard enough making ends meet, Principles of thieves. (Actually thieves have better principles, in my view) More info provided in link, under Family Desecrators -The Family Courts.{The information on Child Support Agencies,"THIEVES" will be provided after careful analysis, as to info I can provide in here.}

~~UPDATE~~ It seems that some people who view this site are upset by the truth, and have some sort of Chip, about Seeing the truth. To that person,CLICK The BACK button on your browser, and don't come back again!OR~ be Man or Woman enough to put your real name and Email when you write, or better still put your comments on guest book, for everyone to see, Include your real name and Email, so as interested persons can reply to you.

And thanks to all of the persons who have sent many inspiring Emails. this is for you also,

~~UPDATE~~ 26 FEBRUARY 2001 UPDATE: ~~Ohh the Poor SooKS, the Albury Police has, Phoned, or written or maybe faxed, OR could it BE? Certainly it could, THEY could have the latest secret tool, maybe they have been using Carrier PIGEONS, to Deliver to Mr Koopmans Pigeon Hole, now that's a thought, well the poor sooks, have complained to the NEW Police in charge of FOI, the New man, is:~Inspector Robert Koopman.~ (he looks decent enough on first impression)Although he thinks that the Public is not aware or what means of detection Police are using ( ENTRAPMENT & FABRICATION ) would be a good term i would use, WAKE UP ROBERT, Not everyone believes your argument, or is Stupid enough not to know, ALL anyone has to do is SEARCH for words like: Counter surveillance, or Wire taps, electronic Surveillance, or better still go to: http://spy-nexus.com

OR http://www.electromax.com/indexreg.html (There are numerous sites available, to many to mention here) But there you go Rob, Even you can have a Look! Only time will tell, if Mr.Koopman is his own man, or someone's Pawn. on this occasion I won't talk to harshly of him, I will wait and see what happens, whether he earns his special place with the Others under the ~~ Names of Unethical Police~~ MORE LATER.

Having taken the Freedom of Information (POLICE UNIT) or lack of information, That's NOW confirmed. to the ADMINISTRATION DECISION TRIBUNAL. to have some personal files/ documents given to me, it appears that the New South Wales Government with the Help of the NSW Police, have the FOI act sown up, its a beauty,. they can make up any story, change it, re invent some other story, and change it again and its LEGAL, you or I can't get away with it, but they can, its in the ACT, act 57c by memory, (i will confirm later) Anyway, on arriving at, Level 15. 111 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW. On entering the tribunal room, I received on my side of Desk a NEW AFFIDAVIT, the Poor Inspector wants to introduce some PAGES he copied from My SITE,(this site) NOT all the site mind YOU, Only what suited him, (he doesn't even respect Copyright.) we go to tribunal for one thing, and something else gets introduced, But apparently Mr Robert Koopman found my site "offensive and derogatory" I wonder how he feels working with Corrupt Members, OR then again maybe he still reads Fairy Books? One may also wonder how he can justify all the corruption in Police force, or maybe Mr Koopman thinks its all lies, Yea, its a Joke, all right, talk about Convict Mentality, we have a Commissioner from Pommy land to over see us, and to make sure we are still in Convict mentality Mode, "YO" Wake up, were in the 21st Century, ANYWAY MORE LATER: Inspector Koopman can be reached at FOI unit Police services 14 College Street Sydney 2000 NSW Australia,

< UPDATE: Friday October 5, 2001 (Border Mail Albury NSW page 5) OPERATION REVEALS POLICE CORRUPTION Two Police officers have been arrested and 22 others summonsed after a three-year undercover operation revealed widespread corruption in the NSW police force. The state's police service is set for another major shake-up just four years after the Wood Royal Commission exposed ENDEMIC corruption in the force.

The Police Integrity Commission will on Monday begin hearing allegations of widespread corruption and misconduct across the force, in particular at commands in Sydney's north. But Commissioner Mr Peter Ryan said the corruption was not limited to those commands. "It Spreads over many years across a wide range of areas, "Mr Ryan said.

Two Police officers have been arrested and 22 others have been served with summonses to appear before the commission. Mr Ryan refused to reveal the extent of the corruption discovered but warned corrupt officers to turn themselves in. "I'm appealing now to police officers out there, if you think you're involved in this incident, come forward now," he said. " If you're involved in other incidents, we're on your trail and we'll catch you ." The first Phase of the hearings, code named Florida, are expected to end on October 26. (Some from Albury are also involved)

Considering that the Commissioner Mr Peter Ryan was employed to reduce the amount of Corruption in the NSW Police, one now can see that in actual fact Corruption has increased, and flourished, under the Present Government Mr Bob Carr and Mr Peter Ryan. The Best thing Now for the State of NSW is for Both the Premier, Mr Bob Carr, and the Commissioner to RESIGN, in NSW we need a Person with Integrity, and some Common sense, Not a SHOW PONY Imported from England.

UPDATE:Wednesday 10th April 02:
Will you be taking your mates with you to? I certainly hope so.
Now all we need, is the PREMIER, BOB CARR to Resign, How about it Bob?

~~Carr's TERROR law~~

(Courtesy - The Sydney Morning Herald) Be warned; Carr's terror law is an ABUSE of POWER

Corruption and Injustice in Albury
Police and Freedom of Information
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Scroll down to POLICE ROYAL COMMISSION REPORT, Final Report CLICK ON: (Volume 1 Corruption)~ please wait a while to Load this is worth reading


NSW Police Refuse amendments of "COPS" Documents (Provided for me by Actual Person involved)"N E W ~~ UPDATE ~~ OCTOBER 29. 2003"

After Reading above Documents ASK As to why hasn't the Premier Mr BOB CARR RESIGNED, and with him the POLICE COMMISSIONER: Peter Ryan? For Incompetence
WHEN WILL YOU GO BOB?? Please don't take to long ok.


FINALLY The premier of NSW Bob Carr HAS RESIGNED, it took a little longer then his mate Peter Ryan but he finally got there, but not before putting a tax on the people of NSW, a tax that is unjust and unfair, he has put a vender duty tax on anyone that sels a building in the state of NSW what a rip off, people pay their taxes, pay his wages and his clones of terrorist, and he has the gall to introduce onother tax, he has never contributed to anyone elses cost or paid for anyone else building, yet on any sale he wants a cut, from any sale, i hope you get treated the same way that you have treated others, and may you rot in hell with your clones:

A futher article on the Bill
This is the full text of the Bill, it speaks for itself.
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